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How to Create a Character

Character Creation

Within this video we go over everything you'll need to know to craft a character in the latest edition of D&D, using a Human Paladin as our starting template.

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How to level up a character

Leveling a Character

Utilizing the Paladin we created in the first video we explore the leveling up process in 5th Edition D&D. There are many similarities with previous editions and Pathfinder but there are a also a few important differences.

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Download the Rules

Wizards of the Coast, Publishers of Dungeons & Dragons, offer a free PDF download of the Players Basic Rules and additional basic Dungeon Master material for anyone wishing to get started in this hobby that we all love, without an inital investment. Click on either "Player's" or "DM's" buttons below to download these basic rules. If you wish to browse more of what Wizards of the Coast has to offer, you can do so by visiting the Dungeons & Dragons Official Website.