Top 7 Mistakes New Dungeon Masters Make

Published on Jul 29, 2015

We've all been there. We're wide eyed with excitement having discovered this hobby, ideas racing through our minds of all sorts of adventures. We spend hours and hours crafting our campaigns, putting in every little detail we can think of. Game day approaches. We're nervous but very excited. Its going to be an epic game!

And then...everything falls flat. Nothing goes as we thought it would. The players ignore our story, one has an overpowered and EVIL character, they fight about the rules, and spend half the session talking about what to name their ship. We leave in a frustrated huff. What went wrong?

In this video we go over the top 7 mistakes new gamemasters make, and, most importantly, offer some advice on how you can overcome these shortcomings and turn yourself into a legendary DM.

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